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Established in Abu Dhabi in 2014, Emirates Specialized Contracting & Oilfield Services L.L.C (ESCO) was launched with a focus on drilling and related Oilfield services. Driven by a proven management team, ESCO has evolved to encompass more value-added services and new generation products to cater to the highly competitive fast-growing Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industries in the UAE.

Through a strong global reach and a tangible local presence, a strategic decision was made to diversify from its core competency in EPCM (engineering / procurement / contracting / management) into other verticals such as Marine, Energy, Power, Renewables and, Petroleum Products Trading by establishing strategic partnerships with best in class international companies.

ESCO has firmly established itself as a major supplier of specialized technical services and products through partnerships with industry leading service and product providers. Today we aim to establish a long-lasting footprint by delivering tailored solutions with quality and efficiency in mind.

Emirates Specialized Contracting & Oilfield Services L.L.C (ESCO) is a subsidiary of HMZ Holdings L.L.C


ESCO is a Specialist Oilfield Company providing project solutions to the Energy sector with focus on Oil & Gas, Well-Servicing and Drilling Structures. We specialize in Operation, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, Consulting, Crewing and Contract Drilling.

Our UAE operations provide a network of support to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our team of highly experienced and specialized consultants purely focuses on international and national drilling contractors. Backed by our skilled Oilfield Services, we are able to problem solve and offer solutions to Drilling, Maintenance, Subsea and Marine Divisions.

ESCO provide all levels of rig crew including shore based staff right through to board level


ESCO's mission is to provide customers safe, high quality and reliable services both on land and offshore, while delivering cost-effective technical solutions to our customers. We strive to provide effective, competitive and practical business solutions.


Our vision is to enable our clients to focus on their core business, Drilling. We work alongside our customers to offer an additional level of support, in the challenging offshore drilling industry. We encourage innovation and perform state-of-the-art service solutions, specialist consultants and boast combined knowledge of over half a decade in the industry.



QHSE is a fundamental value within ESCO and a strong Health & Safety culture exists within our group, driven by a quality understanding and ownership of personnel and collective safety. We have a dedicated and pro-active management team, who maintain the highest levels of visibility and commitment within our business sectors.


Our business depends on healthy relationships with customers, business partners and suppliers. We build and nurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial, making sure we deeply understand the people we deal with, so we can anticipate their needs and always aim to exceed their expectations. Everyone in our organization contributes to the quality of the relationships we build with clients, business partners and suppliers and we actively seek feedback.


ESCO is committed to fair and open competition. We are committed not to engage in any anti-competitive practices or other activities, which violate anti-trust laws or directives. Our Code of Conduct provides the foundation for our Integrity Core Value. We expect everyone to abide by the standards of ethical business practice set out in the Code of Conduct and to challenge behavior or actions inconsistent with our strong reputation for integrity.


Safety is our top priority because lives depend on it. We passionately care about the safety of our people. We are totally committed to preventing injuries and ill health to our people and everyone we work with. We provide our people with the training, knowledge and tools to work safely and prevent accidents. We are focused on assuring the safety of everything we supply, construct, operate and maintain.


Our personnel are the heart of our business. We are professional, high performing team players focused on delivering and drawing our global expertise. We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people, treating each other with honesty, compassion and respect. We create a stimulating, fun and open work culture that promotes personal development and work/life balance.


Innovation gives us a competitive advantage. We promote collaboration and sharing of ideas across our business. We have a structured approach to recognizing innovations, rapidly testing ideas, sharing learning's and delivering to clients. We are committed to delivering safe, thorough and sound solutions to every challenge.


As the worlds leading inspection organization we play a proactive role in safeguarding our environment by offering a wide range of tests to ensure environmentally friendly products and services. We also encourage industries to make environmental management planning an integral part of their regular operations.

We conduct environmental impact assessments and environmental and social impact assessments to determine how your business activities are affecting your local community and on the wider environment.

For a detailed assessment of your environmental performance, you can benefit from our state-of-the-art laboratory and monitoring facilities. Our accredited, experienced technicians have the experience to offer innovative solutions to any challenges facing your organization. We offer you guidance and assistance in complying with environmental regulations and in reducing your impact on the environment.

An environmental and social impact assessment shows your commitment to contributing to a positive impact on your local environment and community.

We at ESCO take our social implications very seriously and strive to increase green-style and in turn happy employees, stakeholders and clients.



ESCO manages its business through GeoMarket regions, which are grouped into three geographic areas: Africa, Middle East and Asia. The GeoMarket structure offers customers a single point of contact at the local level for field operations and brings together geographically focused teams to meet local needs and deliver customized solutions. Working together with the company's segments, the GeoMarkets provide a powerful conduit through which information and know-how flow to the customers and through which ESCO engineers and geoscientists maximize technological synergies over the entire life of the field.


ESCO offers its clients four key advantages:

1- Deep domain knowledge of exploration and production operations gained through extensive field experience.
2- The service industry's longest commitment to technology and innovation with network support from our partners and affiliates.
3- A global reach coupled to strong local experience, background and knowledge that personnel bring.
4- A commitment to excellence in service delivery anytime, anywhere.


ISO9001 is the foundation of enhancing, integrating and aligning our customer satisfaction, improving our loyalty and continuously exceeding expectations and what do we get as a result? Repeat business, Confidence gain, Increased credibility, reduction of competitiveness within the market and even more interested clients. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Consistency! By creating a positive, safe and healthy environment for employees, we increase morale, improve our employees' work-life balance and in turn, positively impact our business. At ESC we pride ourselves on work–life balance. A concept including proper prioritising between "work" in terms of career & ambition and "lifestyle" in terms of health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development.


Be Proactive! Environmental management has the potential to play a pivotal role in the financial performance of the firm but more importantly to us, helps towards our planet in more way than we know. Our natural environment becomes unbalanced and unsustainable when it is polluted and stripped of its natural resources by over-consumption. At ESC we care about our environment and strive to reduce, reuse and recycle where we can. Developing a second nature and being conscious of growing threats regarding climate change should be a priority for all businesses.


Our Code of Business Conduct is our guiding principle of ethical standards and drives the way we do business around the globe. As such, we adhere to the values and behaviours outlined in our code in everything we do and expect the same of those working for us.

Reasons to Strategize Partnerships

Capital intensity: Projects can be too big for a single company to finance on its own, both in terms of access to funding and cost exposure in the event of overrun.

Risk mitigation Single companies may not wish to assume full exposure to a speculative investment or invest into a new region or territory.

Access to technology Owners of proprietary technology may restrict or limit access to projects where they are invited to participate within a JV-style agreement. Similarly, project developers may seek to partner with technology owners where project success (and potentially competitive advantage) is predicated on access to technology or expertise.

Access to resources The project developer may need the help of a JV participant with the capital or skills to develop the resources to its maximum potential.

Supply chain optimization Supply chains can be optimized across disparate geographies by pooling participants' assets. For example, distribution costs can be reduced dramatically if participants with similar manufacturing requirements contract manufacture for one another in geographically dispersed locations.

Political sensitivity JVs, as opposed to acquisitions or takeovers, are sometimes more palatable to governments, labour groups and communities.

Market positioning and scale Pooling the assets of participants or leveraging collective political in influence allows a JV to develop a market-leading position in a particular geography, thereby providing advantages that no participant could attain working alone. Similarly, where a company wishes to de-risk a project or its portfolio, a JV may be used to reduce exposure and the on-going investment required, without having to consider full exit/divestment.

Regulatory requirements Some countries require foreign companies to work with local entities to participate in their markets.



Our pursuit to leave the world a better place than how we found it. To achieve sustainable success we act in the long-term interests of our shareholders, partners and society. Fundamental to meeting this goal is our focus on compliance and ethical integrity, environmental protection, on-the-job innovation and community relations. Together we are identifying and developing new opportunities to help improve our company-wide environmental performance.

ESCO | an Emirates Specialized Group Company

Modern Ingenuity, Delivering High Quality Operations

Established in Abu Dhabi in 2014, Emirates Specialized Group L.L.C (ESG) was launched with a focus on drilling and related Oilfield services. With the country's future demands; a strategic decision was made to diversify into other verticals including Healthcare, Renewables and Technology. In partnership with leading international companies, we aim to establish a long-lasting footprint by delivering tailored solutions with quality and efficiency in mind.

Today driven by a proven management team, the Emirates Specialized Group has evolved to encompass more value-added services and new generation products to cater to the emerging and fast-growing industries and diverse communities of the UAE. Through a strong global reach and a tangible local presence, the group has grown from its roots in EPCM (engineering / procurement / contracting / management) to now having a strong presence in Healthcare, Renewables, Energy, Power, Technology / Optimization and Security.

Emirates Specialized Group L.L.C (ESG) is of HMZ Holdings L.L.C