Experience a different perspective.

ESCO recently completed Surveys onboard the Jack-Up SAR-201 for Saudi Aramco using real-time footage by GoPro. With an aim to reduce their environmental foot print, surveys are a great way to keep rigs in compliance.

Proud teams, happy customer and another safely operating rig. The ripple effect of an audit can reap rewards personally and professionally that cannot be measured.

By creating a positive, safe and healthy environment for employees, we increase morale, improve our employees’ work-life balance and in turn, positively impact our business. Did you know that a sustainable approach to maintaining standards doesn't just benefit your operations but also the environment. We're helping our clients realize the many associated benefits of having a green certification for your rig. As well as knowing that you are doing your bit for planet earth, many governments offer credits to those looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Fit for purpose

Karim Attiyah, Managing Director and Ibrahim Salloum have been driving the Government relations and expertise culture within the company globally.

ESCO Senior Management Team met in Abu Dhabi last week for a 2 day conference to discuss the progress and development of it’s customer service and execution strategy to the Middle East.

Providing exceptional proactive relations is pivotal to ESCO's market success in retaining long term customers and securing new business.

Karim explains his vision for the company. “At ESCO, our strategy is to deliver ‘best in class’ oilfield services to our customers. We clearly stand apart from our competitors and are well on our way to becoming regional leaders in the oilfield.” Services information can be found by visiting our website or email