Our Services

Head quartered in Abu Dhabi, ESCO is a vertically integrated service centre providing a premier suite of specialised projects and packages to the oilfield. 

We pride on best-in-class rig inspection and maintenance services. With specialized packages for drilling companies in the energy industry, we are established to act as a one-stop shop for an entire 360° suite of oilfield solutions, focused on safety and efficiency. 

Audit & Operations

Comprehensive Audits on any type of Oil Rig, Worker or Well Services Unit. Specific Audits covering areas of concern and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

Rig & Oil Well

All remedial services involved in keep operations running onboard any type of Oil Rig or Well Site.

Rigging & Lifting

Inspection, Maintenance and supply of all loose lifting equipment and rigging handling gear.

Inspection and Testing

Packaged NDT from inspection of below hole assemblies to structural and sub-structure members.

Survey & Engineering

Survey to preserve and track asset conditions to monitor the status of each item or area in order to implement periodic scheduling requirements, engineered to operate proactively.

Blasting, Painting & Coating

Surface preparations, surface finish and protecting. Allowing accurate inspection, preventing corrosions and preserving structural integrity.

Maintenance & refurbishment

The renovation and redecoration of equipment and structures to prolong the asset life and management of integrity. 

Overhaul & Upgrade

Replacing the assets or sections and parts of each asset to revitalise and renew the condition or in order to meet new industry standard specifications.

Commissioning & Instrumentation

Demonstration and confirmation of correct installation and functionality of the equipment and ensuring all equipment and associated instrumentation is where it should be and operating efficiently. 

Mechanical, Electrical & Hydraulic

Disciplined experts across the rig. Peace of mind that our packages are suited to all of your equipment groups and handled by key technical experts. 

Design & Architecture

We develop and create plans for construction of zone handling equipment and systems.

Ergonomic Equipment Layout

We engineer the positioning of your equipment to allow both practicality but also to avoid unnecessary downtime and optimisation of operating.

Access Solutions

We eradicate the need to install scaffolding or utilise machinery by providing rope access solutions for all applications on board the rig wether working at heights or below deck in confined space areas. 

Underwater Diving

Our 5-dive team operates underwater to inspection, maintenance and make necessary repairs which in-situ allowing a quick and accurate analysis with need to move stations and all recorded via i-CAM. 

Lift Boat Packages

Maintenance, installation and inspection of life saving equipment to ensure your safety and escape equipment and assets are above standard and always ready to use, year-round. 

HR & Crewing

An entire one-stop for crewing solutions from junior crew up to rig managers all in one efficient package.

Chartering & Towing

Manoeuvring of the rig, support vessels or provisions of tugs to relocate your assets. Providing transport at sea from A to B. 

Repairs & Construction

Repairing of used steel products from basic welding and re-machining to the construction or modification of entire rig sections.

Manufacture &  Fabrication

Manufacture of new steel products from new equipment to entire rig sections.

New builds

We offer a one-stop solution to building packages of fleet assets for any type of rig.

Gauging & Calibrations

We check how your recording equipment works to ensure readings are accurate and regularly reviewed. 

Piple & Wellhead Servicing

Inspection, Maintenance and Installation of Pipelines & Wellheads both at sea and in the field on land. 

Petroleum Testing & Petrochemicals

Ensuring consistency, reliability and selection of mediums used on board. We also trade and refine petrochemicals form petroleum and natural gas.

Down-Hole Services

Rental packages for fishing and drilling equipment for drilling, well-abandonment, completions and fishing operations. We also provide turnkey solutions and packages to contract drillers or operators including stripping, maintaining and inspection of equipment sets. 

Crew Management

We provide rig management solutions both offshore and land based to optimise your rigging crew teams on board any type of rig.